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100% Inuit Owned

Glasses, Sunglasses and Contact Lenses in

Yellowknife and Iqaluit

No matter where you live in the Northwest Territories or Nunavut, Polar Vision Centres LTD has got you covered, with high-end prescription glasses available

through our offices in Yellowknife and Iqaluit. If you are not able to reach one of these outlets contact us for scheduled optical service visits in the communities of Nunavut.

On-Site Lab Services in Yellowknife for Quality Control and Efficiency

Polar Vision and Baffin Optical has a licensed optician who works

on-site in our Yellowknife optical lab. We offer efficient, personalized services for adults and children. Polar Vision Centres LTD can also help

you with contact lenses, precise grinding of prescription lenses and

expert adjustments.


Eyewear for Every Occasion at Polar Vision in Yellowknife

Walk into Polar Vision for current styles and advanced technology in eyewear. Our licensed opticians can fit your frames in our shop and make your prescription glasses on-site. Walk-in Monday through Friday or call for an appointment and enjoy Polar Vision’s fast, reliable services that include:

Optical lab on-premises

Frames for adults and children

Prescription eyeglasses made on-site

In-store inventory of contact lenses

CSA-approved protective eyewear

Large selection of sunglasses

Eyeglass repairs and accessories

Sports eyewear

See Your Optician at Baffin Optical,

our mobile clinic in Iqaluit

Baffin Optical is the Polar Vision Centres LTD dispensary in Iqaluit, providing a mobile clinic and optician services to clients in the Baffin Region of Nunavut. You don’t have to travel to Yellowknife for services when you can visit Baffin Optical for every eyewear need you to have, including:

Mobile Clinic services (call for more information)

Frames for adults and children

Prescription eyeglasses made on-site at our Yellowknife location

CSA-approved protective eyewear

Large selection of sunglasses

Eyeglass repairs and accessories

Sports eyewear

Student, senior and co-op member discounts

PLEASE NOTE: To confirm a Scheduled visit to your community, please call Polar Vision toll free: 1-866-944-7466.

Serving Yellowknife and the Following Regions/Communities in Nunavut

Keewatin/Kivalliq Regions

Rankin Inlet


Baker Lake

Chesterfield Inlet

Coral Harbour



Whale Cove

Kitikmeot Region

Cambridge Bay

Gjoa Haven




Baffin Region


Arctic Bay


Clyde River

Grise Fiord

Hall Beach




Pond Inlet


Resolute Bay

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Two Convenient Locations to Serve You

Come to Polar Vision Centres LTD to see why we are the North’s top choice for vision care.

Polar Vision
Suite 113, 5109 48th Street
(across from Boston Pizza)
Yellowknife, NT X1A 1N5

Baffin Optical

Mobile Clinic - Contact us for more information
(across from Public Health and Yummy Shawarma)

Progressive (Multi-focal)

A multi-purpose lens is used for near, intermediate and distance vision correction. It is esthetically designed without a visible line in the lens. The goal is to use all 3 zones. This lens offers a vision for all viewing distances and is invisible so that only you know you are wearing multifocal lenses.

The most precise vision is at the central point of the lens, looking straight ahead with your chin at a natural height. If you turn your eyes right or left and notice any distortion, just point your nose directly at what you are looking at. This will mean moving your head, not just your eyes. When viewing something closer like the dashboard of your car, keep your chin up and lower your eyes until the dashboard comes into focus. When looking at a near object, you will either lower your eyes even more or raise your chin until the near object or reading material comes into clear focus.

Unlike single vision lenses, it is necessary to go through an adaptation period of a minimum of 2 days or up to two weeks in order to learn how to find the different zones on the lens. Once you get accustomed to pointing your nose at the object you wish to see and lowering or raising your eyes instead of your chin, you will find the method becomes natural. 


This lens offers nearsighted and farsighted vision correction in a single lens. The upper part of the lens is for seeing from a distance and the bottom part to see things from close. To view close objects, lift your chin or lower your eyes to the lower portion of the frame.

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